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Colors of Black – now what is this?

This is the personal “photoblog” or “photographic web log” of Kim Schulz. The photoblog contains images taken during my daily life and can be anything from colorful landscape images to B/W images of a concert. I hope you will find the time to comment on the photos I have taken so I know how you feel about them.

Me in london.

Whats up with the name?

I remember back in my first years of school where I was taught about the colors and how mixing them gave me new colors. My teacher showed us a color wheel sliced into parts where each slice had its own color (looked like the wheel of fortune). When he turned the wheel really fast, the wheel turned white and the colors disappeared (or so it seemed for the eye). So the color white contained “all the colors”. I turned the rule-bound sentence “Colors of white” (which I was taught back then) into “Colors of Black” to show that I am not bound by the normal rules of Photography. I haven’t been taught anything about taking a photo, finding the right perspective, angle, lights, scenario or processing of images. I simply use trial and error and the love for the photography hobby to find my own style and my own rules.

Thats the Colors of Black! Enjoy!

Other projects I am involved in

Below is a list of links to other projects I am involved in:

  • schulz.dk
    This is my personal page with normal text blog etc.
  • devteam.dk
    A Hosting company I own (and which hosts this site).
  • chilifan.dk
    A page dedicated to chili – I host and own the page.
  • fundanemt.com
    A content management system for Web I am a core developer on.
  • madblogs.dk
    A page that combines the largest list of food-related, Danish blogs into a single news-stream.

Contact Info

Kim Schulz
Gertrud Rasks vej 78
9210 Aalborg

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